I help people write their life stories because I have seen the smiles on the faces of those who share their story and those who are lucky enough to receive them. While some think of their lives as ordinary, they all are rich with the details of their times, their own personal trials and moments of wonder. Stories help us connect with each other and they help us understand our own place in this world. Our lives are like journeys. Just as we share tales of vacations with others, to share the story of our life journey is a story only we can tell.
-Carole Glass
During more than 20 years of working in writing, marketing, and communications, Carole has interviewed people from all walks of life: veterans, mothers, fathers, CEOs, celebrities, friends and neighbors. Prior to working in personal histories, she had an extensive career in developing comprehensive marketing campaigns, achieving national recognition for excellence. Her creative skills and caring dedication ensure that your project will be high quality and reflect your unique life.

Carole also writes nonfiction and has recently been published in Family Tree magazine and The Lifewriters Digest, an online magazine.She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.Carole is the Midwest Regional Coordinator for the Association of Personal Historians, past president of Professional Dimensions, a volunteer for the Milwaukee Art Museum,
and a member of the Wisconsin Historical Society. Carole resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and travels extensively.



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