Do you have a drawer full of photos but fading memories of your life and ancestors? Now is the time to capture those adventures, accomplishments, and anecdotes so that your family and its future generations can more fully know and appreciate the important people in their lives.

When you record your life experiences in a personalized book you preserve those memories forever. Imagine the fun your family would have hearing all your stories, about your first job, perhaps an old-fashioned courtship or seaside escapade. Sharing stores is like having a heartfelt conversation, again and again. Because not only do stories strengthen ties but they can deepen our understanding of each other. And stories, unlike photographs, can pass on wisdom and values that you have earned through life.

It is never too early to start on your own story or to gather favorite family memories. Sadly, it is sometimes too late. Don't delay another day in safeguarding your family memories. Use the contact form to schedule an appointment to discuss your story. Your family will thank you.


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