My Services - Customized To Your Request

By working with Carole Glass, a personal historian, the preservation of your life story is both easier and more affordable. Professional editing and production skills streamline the process, while today's technology makes publishing within everyone's reach. Recording your story can be a rewarding, enjoyable way to revisit the past. Together we:
  • Identify the key topics which reflect your unique life: the people, places and events that have special meaning for you.
  • Schedule a series of audiotaped interviews.
  • Select from a variety of design, printing and binding options
The result: in just a short time I will turn your stories into beautiful, custom-designed, keepsake books-to share with friends and family. You will have a cherished family heirloom that brings a deeper sense of heritage.

Additional Services-

Audio Tapes A series of cassette tapes recording guided memories is a way to start on your story or to give as a unique gift. The tapes can be used for a book at a later date. Tapes are presented in a customized storage box.

Tapes & Transcription The audio tapes are transcribed with light editing. One copy in draft format.

Organization Histories Captures the memories of those who played a
part in the crucial events of a company, church, community or other organization's history. Can be used as a future teaching tool to ensure that values are passed down.

Guidance in developing an existing manuscript. Includes proofreading, grammar, and organization.

Tribute Books/Tapes
A collection of memories dedicated to a loved one for a special birthday, event or memorial.

Group Presentations
Tips and techniques on how to write your life story. Useful handouts and exercises provided.



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